· Swiss asset manager Tavis Digital is actively taking part in China’s new ‘internet of blockchains’ by joining IRISnet’s network of validator nodes.

· IRISnet is a blockchain infrastructure that serves as a communication relayer for other blockchains and their applications, and a key player in China’s state-backed Blockchain Service Network (BSN).

· By running its own blockchain infrastructure for IRISnet, Tavis Digital is actively participating in the governance and security of the IRIS network, while at the same time allowing IRIS token holders to generate interest by staking tokens with the Tavis Digital validator.

  • Tavis Digital 是第一家为 Cosmos 区块链原生 ATOM 代币提供权益质押服务的瑞士资产管 理公司,委托人能够通过 Tavis Digital 参与到 Cosmos 网络并获得权益质押奖励。
  • 通过在网络上运行自己的验证节点,Tavis Digital 可以为 ATOM 提供安全、合规的权益质押服务。
  • 现在,任何 ATOM 持有者都可以 …

  • Running its own validator on the network, secure and compliant staking services for ATOM are available with Tavis…

Tavis Digital

Tavis Digital is an innovative Swiss asset management company that focuses entirely on the portfolio management of digital assets.

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